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DRAMATICALLY INCREASE YOUR NET INCOME GUARANTEED!* DON’T HESITATE! NO OBLIGATION AND I WOULD LOVE TO MEET YOU!Barb Has The Buyers is an Award winning Real Estate Sales Team that Seeks a Licensed Team Member With Minimum of 5 Previous Real Estate Transactions.

  • Absolutely No Cold Calling
  • No Marketing, Advertising or Prospecting
  • All Buyer & Seller Appointments Supplied
  • Work a normal work week
  • No Fees
  • Make and keep More Money

To get more info on how to dramatically alter your real estate career fill out this form or call 719-301-1802.

My company and I are stuck working late most every day because we’ve just got too many buyers and sellers to help. These are not just any buyers and sellers — these prospects are buying and selling at 35% above the market area average price point and wanting to move now. We simply have more than my company and I can handle. I know this sounds crazy to most agents, but I can assure you this is absolutely the case!


Are you somebody who’s superb at handling buyers and sellers… a loyal, hardworking type person who would like to spend their time selling rather than cold-calling or manual grunt prospecting? Are you the kind of agent who would prefer to have leads and appointments given to them that are pre-screened and have already been followed-up with, buying and selling at higher price points than worrying about where your next closing is going to come from? Do you like the idea of earning $100,000 to $250,000 in commission income like the other agents on my company do? If so then you just might be the great sales partner we’re looking to hire at Barb Has The Buyers.

I’m confident you will be amazed at the sheer number of buyers and sellers contacting us each day and blown away at the quality of these prospects. Like I said, they are at a higher than average price point, they are ready to move and waiting on a call back for help.

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