I Wish My Broker Would Have Taught Me This…

Now I know the truth, my broker really did not know it!

What am I talking about…? The subject of how to get new business.

These days brokers may offer ‘leads’, but not how to convert them to face to face appointments.

Some may offer a ‘system’ but not how to use the system to get a steady flow of business.

At the end of the day, staying off the Income Roller Coaster, is a problem many real estate agents face:

  • The have 1 deal…Great!
  • They work hard to keep that deal together…Great!
  • The deal closes…Great!
  • Now they have to start all over with:
    • Getting new business
    • Getting it Under Contract
    • Closing it

Most agents face what we call the Income Roller Coaster where they make some money, go spend it on a vacation, then they are back again to work some more… But then must to wait another 60-90 days to get new business to a closing, if they have business at all!

If you think you would like to learn ways to get off the Income Roller Coaster and enjoy a sustainable real estate career that works for your lifestyle, then fill out the form below or give us a call.

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