Save $$ on Expenses

During the process of buying or selling a home in Colorado Springs, CO, there will be a variety of costs associated with that experience. To ensure that these other expenses are not a heavy hit to your bank account, it is important to find companies who are willing to offer you deals and incentives.  At […]

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Questions Agents Hate!

When you have decided to buy or sell a home in Colorado Springs, CO, there are many factors to consider and other choices to be made. One of those additional decisions is who will represent your best interests throughout the entire real estate process.  The ideal person to assist and guide you throughout the transaction […]

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Get VIP Insider Access

When it comes to being successful in the real estate industry, it is vital that you have all of the information, resources, and tools needed to buy or sell a home with ease. In many situations, realtors are not willing to provide this necessary knowledge to people unless they have paid for it. Fortunately, Barb […]

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Ask a Real Estate Expert

While there are many people across the country who are buying and selling homes at this very moment, it can be a very daunting and challenging task if you are not well-informed by an expert in the real estate industry. Unfortunately, finding answers to your questions and addressing your concerns can end up being quite […]

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