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Buying a Home in Bent Tree

Looking for Bent Tree homes for sale? Bent Tree is a picturesque neighborhood located within the town of Monument, Colorado. With its stunning natural surroundings, luxurious homes, and thriving real estate market, Bent Tree is the epitome of upscale living. 

Below, our real estate team will take you on a virtual tour of Bent Tree. We’ll showcase its remarkable properties, highlighting market insights, and providing other valuable information.

Key Takeaways

  • Bent Tree is a small neighborhood of luxury homes outside of Monument, Colorado
  • The median selling price of homes in Bent Tree is $905,000
  • Bent Tree homes for sale can be found on the MLS, off-market listings, and with the help of a real estate professional
  • Bent Tree has a high cost of living but has high-quality schools, low crime rates, and a growing job market
  • Bent Tree is close to plenty of parks, green spaces, restaurants, and activities in Monument and Colorado Springs

Want Bent Tree homes for sale, upscale homes, or houses with plenty of land? Check out the Bent Tree neighborhood in Monument, Colorado. You would be joining a very small group of residents – only 1,624 people total – all living on large properties with homes that include 4+ bedrooms. Each of the residents has one of the most unique lifestyles available in the country because the small neighborhood has one of the 15% highest incomes in the United States. 

For executives and well-educated professionals looking to escape the hustle and bustle of large cities, Bent Tree is idyllic. The large homes were all built within the last 40 years and regularly updated. You are sure to find one with all of the latest luxuries and modern features. Each home is between 3,000 and 10,000 square feet and on about 2.5 acres of land. 

Living in Bent Tree

You will be able to choose from 5 regions in the neighborhood, and our team will be happy to show you a property that meets your needs and expectations. With our experience in the local real estate market of Bent Tree, we have also learned all of the best restaurants, attractions, parks, and more in the area so that you will never have to worry about being bored or lacking in activities for the family.
Thinking about moving to Bent Tree? Learn more about restaurants, things to do, and daily life in the area by reading our short guide.

Should I Live in Bent Tree?

Bent Tree is a small neighborhood of luxury homes within the town of Monument. It’s divided into five subsections, which each contain homes ranging in size from 3,000 sq. ft. to over 10,000 sq. ft. On average, lot sizes are around 2.5 acres, and there are 1,624 residents living in the community.

Bent Tree is known as a wealthy area, with the neighborhood in the top 15% of neighborhoods with the highest income. If you’re after a luxury home in Colorado, Bent Tree is a great choice. Lot sizes in Bent Tree are large enough to provide a degree of privacy, and the neighborhood as a whole is small, which creates a sense of community.

Living in Bent Tree offers access to green spaces, hiking trails, and golf courses. It’s also half an hour from Colorado Springs and all the benefits the city has to offer, such as restaurants and shopping centers. 

What’s the Housing Market Like in Bent Tree?

Find Bent Tree homes for sale with Barb Schlinker.

The real estate market in Bent Tree offers a range of opportunities for home buyers and investors. The average sale price in the area is $905,000, with homes selling for about $335 per square foot. 

Bent Tree is a small neighborhood, so the sales volume is relatively low overall. However, it’s worth noting that properties for sale in Bent Tree sell for 1.7% over the list price, indicating a competitive market. Additionally, the average time spent on the market for homes in Bent Tree is 68 days.

Market trends and housing prices can be affected by supply and demand, government policies and regulations in the area, and economic conditions like mortgage rates, inflation, and recessionary conditions. 

For this reason, it’s recommended to consult with a local real estate agent or check reliable online sources for the most up-to-date information on the housing market in Bent Tree, Colorado.

How Do I Find Homes For Sale in Bent Tree?

If you want to find Bent Tree homes for sale, there are several strategies you can employ to find the right property for your needs. One effective method is exploring MLS listings.

The MLS (Multiple Listing Service) is a comprehensive database of properties for sale available exclusively to realtors. By working with a realtor to access MLS listings, you can see a wide range of properties in Bent Tree, with detailed information about each listing such as price, location, features, and more. 

In addition to MLS listings, another avenue to explore is off-market listings. These are properties that are not publicly advertised or listed on the MLS. The advantage of off-market listings is that they often present unique opportunities, as they are not widely known to the general public. These properties may have less competition, allowing you to potentially negotiate better terms or find a hidden gem in Bent Tree.

No matter how you find Bent Tree homes for sale, the services of a buyer’s agent can greatly simplify your search. A buyer’s agent represents your interests and can provide valuable guidance throughout the home-buying process. A buyer’s agent can also provide insights into the local market, offer expert advice on property valuation, negotiate on your behalf, and handle the paperwork involved in the transaction. 

Are There Luxury Homes in Bent Tree?

Yes, there are luxury Bent Tree homes for sale. Bent Tree is a luxury neighborhood, meaning that every home in the community is considered an upscale property. Homes in Bent Tree are renowned for exuding elegance and offering unparalleled comfort. 

The neighborhood boasts a wide range of luxury properties, each showcasing unique architectural styles and exceptional craftsmanship. Whether you’re looking for a spacious family home or an opulent estate, Bent Tree has something to offer for every discerning buyer. 

Are There New Construction Homes for Sale in Bent Tree?

There are not any new construction Bent Tree homes for sale. This is because Bent Tree is a small, somewhat exclusive neighborhood with a limited amount of homes. 

Homes in Bent Tree were built throughout the 1980s and 2000s, so any property for sale will be a resale home. However, there are new home developments in nearby towns like Monument, Flying Horse, and the greater Colorado Springs area.

What Are the Best Neighborhoods in Bent Tree?

Find Bent Tree homes for sale with Barb Schlinker.

While there aren’t any separate neighborhoods within Bent Tree itself, there are several communities in the surrounding area.


Monument, Colorado is a charming town situated at the base of the Rocky Mountains. It offers a picturesque setting with stunning natural landscapes and breathtaking views. The town boasts a small-town atmosphere with a strong sense of community and a range of amenities. With its beautiful surroundings, friendly atmosphere, and convenient proximity to larger cities like Colorado Springs, Monument is a desirable place to live for those seeking a peaceful mountain lifestyle.


If you’re looking for your dream home surrounded by stunning natural beauty, Woodmoor might be the perfect place for you. Woodmoor, Colorado, presents an idyllic setting for those seeking a tranquil and picturesque community to call home. With its stunning natural surroundings, friendly atmosphere, and exceptional homes for sale, Woodmoor is a great place to live for families, young professionals, and anyone who enjoys the outdoors.


Arrowwood is a suburban neighborhood located in Monument. Known for its tranquil atmosphere and picturesque landscapes, this community offers a perfect blend of natural beauty and modern conveniences. Arrowwood boasts a tight-knit community where neighbors come together to foster a friendly and welcoming environment. Whether it’s engaging in neighborhood events or simply enjoying the peaceful surroundings, residents of Arrowwood cherish the sense of community and belonging that this neighborhood offers.

Higby Estates

Higby Estates is an exclusive neighborhood located next to Bent Tree. Situated in a picturesque setting with stunning natural landscapes, Higby Estates offers residents a combination of luxury and serenity. The area is known for its spacious and elegant homes, often featuring modern architecture and upscale amenities. Residents of Higby Estates enjoy the privacy and tranquility that comes with living in a gated community, while still being within easy reach of nearby amenities and attractions. 

Cherry Creek Crossing

Cherry Creek Crossing is a neighborhood close to Bent Tree. It offers residents a wonderful blend of suburban tranquility and urban accessibility. With tree-lined streets, beautifully landscaped yards, and a sense of neighborly camaraderie, Cherry Creek Crossing provides a welcoming and family-friendly environment. Residents can enjoy the nearby amenities, including parks, schools, shopping centers, and dining options, making it an ideal place to call home in Colorado.

What’s the Quality of Life in Bent Tree?

Living in Bent Tree offers a serene and idyllic lifestyle surrounded by natural beauty. The neighborhood provides convenient access to a range of amenities, including top-rated schools, outdoor recreational areas, and a close-knit community atmosphere. 

Local Schools

For families with school-age children, Bent Tree offers access to excellent educational institutions. The neighborhood attends Lewis-Palmer School District 38, which is known for its commitment to academic excellence, student development, and athletics. For higher education, the nearest state colleges and universities are located in Colorado Springs.

Job Market

The job market in the nearest big town, Monument, is experiencing high growth and low unemployment. Job growth in Monument over the next ten years is 38.20%. More recently, the job market has grown by 4.1%. The average salary in the area is a little over $90,000.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Monument, Colorado, is higher than the national average and the rest of Colorado. The highest cost is housing. In Bent Tree, the median sold price of homes is $1,425,000. The other highest costs associated with living in the area are groceries and transportation.

Crime and Safety

Safety is a top priority for any prospective resident. Luckily, Bent Tree provides a secure environment for its residents. The neighborhood has low crime rates compared to national averages, ensuring peace of mind for homeowners and their families. Monument, Colorado, is considered safer than 25% of neighborhoods in the nation, with a violent crime rate of two per 1,000 residents and a property crime rate of 18 per 1,000 residents.

Weather and Climate

Bent Tree has a mild climate and experiences all four seasons. Its winters get as cold as 16 degrees, and in the summers, the temperature gets up to the mid-80s. On average, the area gets 21 inches of rain throughout the year and 96 inches of snow in the winter.

Healthcare and Hospitals

The cost of healthcare services in Monument is slightly lower than the national average. Monument has two urgent care clinics. The nearest major hospitals are in Colorado Springs. The city has six hospitals, including the Children’s Hospital Colorado and the highly-ranked St. Francis Medical Center.

What Are the Top Things to Do in Bent Tree?

Find Bent Tree homes for sale with Barb Schlinker.

Bent Tree is close to restaurants, parks, green spaces, and museums. Fox Run Regional Park, Monument Rock Trail, and Monument Lake provide great opportunities to enjoy the outdoors and recreational activities like hiking, biking, and fishing. In addition, The Kings Deer Golf Club is a popular spot for enjoying a round of golf.

In town, residents can grab a beer at the Pikes Peak Brewing Company, or visit the 300 Days of Shine distillery. Popular restaurants near Bent Tree include La Casa Fiesta Mexican Restaurant, the Texas Roadhouse, and Rosie’s Diner.

Bent Tree’s location close to Colorado Springs means residents can also visit the city to see sites like the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, Garden of the Gods Park, which is a National Natural Landmark, the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum, and the National Museum of World War II Aviation.

Are There Any Odd or Quirky Things to Do?

Odd or quirky things to do near Bent Tree can be found in nearby Colorado Springs. First, the Garden of the Gods is a must-see area park that contains unique red rock formations. Visitors can enjoy recreational activities on the park’s 21 miles of trails, as well as learn about the history of the area.

The Old Gold Camp Road Tunnels, the Cheyenne Mountain Nuclear Bunker, and the Tuberculosis Huts scattered around Colorado Springs are other quirky sites to explore.

How Can I Find the Best Homes for Sale in Bent Tree?

With breathtaking homes, a thriving real estate market, and a desirable location, Bent Tree is a true gem in the real estate landscape of Colorado. If you want to find Bent Tree homes for sale, Barb Schlinker and the real estate experts at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty - Barb Has the Buyers Team can help.

Call our team at 719-301-1802 or fill out the form on this page to learn how to join our VIP Buyer Program. Joining the program gives you access to several benefits, including the latest Bent Tree listings through our property hotlists, our Buyer Satisfaction Guarantee, and our free educational resources and tools, such as our mortgage calculator.

Our Buyer Satisfaction Guarantee is exclusive to our VIP clients. With this program, you have the option to return your home to us within 12 months after purchasing it, in the event you realize it isn’t the right fit for you.

Contact us at 719-301-1802 or the form on this page to learn more about our VIP Buyer Program and get started finding Bent Tree homes for sale.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bent Tree, Colorado

What county is Bent Tree, Colorado, in?

Bent Tree is located in El Paso County. 

Does Bent Tree, Colorado, have a downtown?

No, Bent Tree itself does not have a downtown since it’s a neighborhood, not a town. However, the nearest town, Monument, does have a downtown area, which is filled with locally-owned restaurants, boutiques, and galleries.

Is Bent Tree part of Colorado Springs?

Bent Tree is technically not part of Colorado Springs. Bent Tree is a neighborhood within the town of Monument. Monument is its own town, but can also be considered a suburb of Colorado Springs since it’s about 30 minutes away from the larger city.

Does Bent Tree get more snow than Colorado Springs?

The town of Monument, including Bent Tree, does get more snow than Colorado Springs. On average, Colorado Springs gets 57.3 inches of snow each year, while Monument gets 96.6 inches of snow per year.

What is the cost of living like in Bent Tree?

The cost of living in Bent Tree is slightly higher than the national average, primarily due to its desirable location and proximity to outdoor amenities. Housing costs, in particular, are higher than other areas because of the scenic beauty and demand for mountain living.