FREE Report on Why There is NO Money in Manual Grunt Prospecting

This FREE report reveals Strange, Weird, and Controversial PROOF there is NO MONEY in manual grunt prospecting, cold calling or begging for referrals. BUT a whole pile of it for YOU in giving prospects EXACTLY what they want! You will discover: How you can make $100,000 to $300,000+ Selling Real Estate, never worrying again where […]

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What Do You Need?

Isn’t this an amazing business. No two real estate agent’s experiences are the same. We all work hard and we all are great advocates for our clients. You may not be thinking of growing your business at another brokerage right now. That’s ok. Is there anything I can help you with in your current business […]

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Before You Ignore This Post…

If you do not want repeat and referral business, please do not read this. If you do not want grow your real estate business, please do not read this. If you do want to grow your real estate business. You are cordially invited to attend our FREE Virtual Mastermind Class. In this FREE Virtual Master […]

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Did you know…You are a Top Producer?

The statistics in the MLS tell me that you were are in the top (35%) of agents in the MLS. Congratulations! Did you know that 74 of all the agents that sold a home in 2019 sold only 1, 2 or 3 homes? 55% of all sales are done by agents who sell only 1 […]

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What’s Working Now Marketing Master Class – You are Invited!

Not all real estate agents are the same. Did you ever wonder how a Top Producer gets business? In this FREE Virtual Master Class…you will learn from local Top Producing Agents: What’s working Now to Get More Home Sellers to Call You How to Be Relevant with a Buyer With all Those Online Companies Top […]

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How to Stay Relevant to a Buyer

Often we get buyers who call on our listings whom ‘only want to deal with the listing agent’. So if you happen to get a buyer lead on a home that is NOT your listing, how do you handle that objection? Part of training we provide to our Real Estate agents is how to handle […]

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How To Get Motivated Seller Leads “How Much is My Home Worth” Asking someone to find out what their homes is worth is COMPLETELY FLAWED!

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It will not tell you that they want to sell their home. If fact, if they don’t like the price given by some of those ‘automated house values’ it may actually repel those people from wanting to do business with you. Many home sellers look at those online automated valuations like Zillow, etc only to […]

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