How To Get Motivated Seller Leads “How Much is My Home Worth” Asking someone to find out what their homes is worth is COMPLETELY FLAWED!

It will not tell you that they want to sell their home.

If fact, if they don’t like the price given by some of those ‘automated house values’ it may actually repel those people from wanting to do business with you.

Many home sellers look at those online automated valuations like Zillow, etc only to get really frustrated because they quickly figure out those systems do not ‘know’ their house at all.

In your marketing, if you simply change the message to…”Find out what your home’s asking price would be in this market” you are more likely to find people who are actually wanting to sell their home.

Above is just one of many Millionaire Agent Mastermind Tips that are shared with like-minded agents in our upcoming event.

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