How to Stay Relevant to a Buyer

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Often we get buyers who call on our listings who ‘only want to deal with the listing agent’.
So if you happen to get a buyer lead on a home that is NOT your listing, how do you handle that objection?

Part of the training we provide to our Real Estate agents is how to handle any objection from buyers.

Many times they are not objections but just observations.

Buyers think they know how it works… they find homes on Zillow, call on those homes and go see those homes.

A majority of agents will tell them…

That one is under contract I can show you other homes.

And from observing agent behavior, most agents use the opportunity to ‘show a home’ to MEET a prospective buyer without finding out…

  • What the buyer is looking for
  • Whether the buyer is qualified to buy a home
  • Whether the buyer is ready to buy a home right now.

I call those ‘Pop-Tart’ agents. They pop out of their homes, go show a home, and ‘HOPE’ the buyers may buy a home.

I’ve even heard other brokers state “Showing homes is how agents meet buyers’

Pop-tarting to show a home is a complete waste of everyone’s time.

Plus, the buyer then judges the agent based on the home the agent showed and NOT the value the agent brings to helping them find their dream home.

Part of how we train our agents is to make a compelling offer to meet with us, not just show a house. Then we interview and educate the buyer, and help them get the best financing so their offers get accepted in this hot market.

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