Buy a New Construction Home in Colorado Springs With a Realtor

If you want to buy a new construction home in Colorado Springs, you should also strongly consider using a realtor. In fact, there are 5 ways that an experienced realtor can help you buy a new construction home in Colorado Springs:

  1. Realtors advocate for your interests
  2. Realtors negotiate on your behalf
  3. Realtors make the buying process run smoothly
  4. Realtors are great resources for third parties
  5. Realtors are free for homebuyers

Read on as we explore each benefit.

1. Realtors Advocate for Your Interests

Having a realtor by your side as you purchase a new construction home is invaluable because they advocate for your interests. Buying a new construction home can be complicated, but if you aren’t familiar with the process, you can easily be taken advantage of. This is especially true because the home builder will have their own realtor advocating for their interests – it’s only fair that you have someone on your side too!

One specific area where having an experienced realtor by your side is helpful is when touring the model home. A realtor can inform you which features are options and add-ons so that you have a realistic idea of what the home you are actually purchasing is like.

2. Realtors Negotiate On Your Behalf

Another way that realtors benefit homebuyers is that they negotiate on your behalf. Because they bring a steady flow of new homebuyer clients to the builder, builders are more likely to negotiate the price of things like add-ons. These negotiations can save you big money. 

3. Realtors Make the Buying Process Run Smoothly

One area that realtors excel in is understanding and negotiating contracts. These contracts can be difficult for homebuyers to understand unless they are familiar with real estate law. Realtors, on the other hand, can easily navigate these contracts and negotiate with the builder if certain terms aren’t to your liking. This helps avoid direct conflict with the builder – one less headache to worry about!

4. Realtors are Great Resources for Third Parties

Another great thing about working with a realtor is that they know which third-party vendors and lenders can give you the best deal. Your realtor may have suggestions on which third-party can save you the most money. Or, they can help you shop around to get the greatest amount of savings. 

Third-parties like home inspectors, lenders and title companies are often eager to work with reputable realtors as they represent a steady flow of business. 

5. Realtors are Free for Homebuyers

Another way realtors can help you buy a new construction home in Colorado Springs is that their services are free. Much like the way that a home seller would pay for a buyer’s realtor commission, the home builder pays the commission for the homebuyer. Home builders often factor in the cost of paying realtors’ commissions into their budgets. 

It’s important to note that not having a realtor won’t save you any money – you won’t be discounted the amount of commission that is already figured into the transaction. 

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