FREE Use of a Moving Van if you Work with the Barb Schlinker Team

Hi, I’m Barb Schlinker with Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty Colorado. And we are so thrilled to introduce to you this brand new moving van! We’re allowing our clients to use anybody on the team that buys or sells with Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty Colorado, gets to use this van for free! And the […]

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Why Understanding the Current Real Estate Market Could Mean the Difference Between Getting or NOT Getting your Dream Home

Why Understanding The Current Market To Mean The Difference Between Getting Or Not Getting Your Dream Home Barb Schlinker Radio Show 719-301-1802 | 719-301-3900 Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty Colorado #coloradosprings #yourhomesoldguaranteedrealty #barbschlinker #realestatevoice Buyers seem to have much fewer homes to choose from, what is the status of the current market and why do […]

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Why the 2021 Real Estate Market Will Soar Again

Why do you think next year will be another record year for real estate? Good Credit and Income – No NEED for a Down Payment Current buyer – $324,999 home on acreage $1000 out of pocket! Military and Veterans – ZERO down payment You can get FHA financing for as little as 3.5% down Two […]

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Top Shopping rules That Can Make Buyer Your Next Home Fun

Many of our listeners know, you and your team are the only people I would recommend and you have been here in the market selling homes for a long time. What are some Top Home Shopping Tips for Home Buyers in This Hot Market? Start with a Budget in Mind Be Prepared to Exceed Your […]

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How To Write a Winning Offer – From Barb Schlinker

  What are the Top Mistakes Buyers Make When Making an Offer on Homes? Buyers Do Not Know HOW it Works…   Buyer Mistake #1: Not Getting Pre-APPROVED FOR FINANCING   Define: Pre-Approved – Submitted financial docs to lender and lender has approved the buyers loan, just need a house! Similar to Cash Just Need […]

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The home buying and selling season has officially kicked off! While this is usually a predictable and exciting time in Real Estate, a wildcard none of us ever expected is now in play. COVID-19, or Coronavirus, has caused widespread fear, which has led many families to become uncertain of what their next step is in their Real Estate venture. In response to this, we created this article to help answer your questions and encourage you to continue your home search or sale because, in reality, this is the BEST time to buy and sell! Want to find out why? Keep Reading!

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