How to Get a Steady Stream of Buyers and Sellers Contacting You


Did you ever wonder how the top producing agents get all their business? Some are lucky and inherit someone’s database, some have been around for years but the truth is, like in any business, getting new business involves some sort of marketing or advertising.


  • What kind of advertising works?
  • How much does that cost?
  • Will it work?

Have you ever spent thousands on an advertising campaign and had just not work?

I have! It’s not fun.

The truth is that most agents spend less than $89 a month on marketing.

The problem is that most people get bombarded, daily with thousands of advertisements.

So, how does a real estate company make themselves stand out?

At Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty Colorado, we have years of success and failures at advertising and I can now say we have mastered ways to get a Steady Stream of Buyers and Seller’s, most of whom, we have never met, to contact us.

If a steady stream of buyers and sellers interests you, you are invited to a unique opportunity to get a Sneak Peek into that marketing and learn how get Buyers and Sellers contact you.


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