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I served in the Navy both as an Air Traffic Controller in my early years and I came up through the ranks and became an Intelligence Officer. I spent two years in the overseas in the Philippines, which I thoroughly enjoyed and it was there where I really learned about how other countries live. Those experiences taught me how fortunate we are to live in the America and enjoy the freedoms and opportunities we enjoy. Most of my service was during a relatively peaceful period. Then when 9/11 hit, I was mobilized back into active service and worked right here at NORAD. It was a great experience.

a. When I get the chance to talk to some of the service members that have deployed as many as 8-11 times in harm’s way, my heart goes out to them for what they volunteer to do to defend our freedom.
b. My father, two of my brothers and my nephew served. Not our only child is serving in the Marines

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