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What are the top five showing mistakes home sellers should avoid?

  • Not Having Your Home Show Ready

  • Following Buyers Around

  • Leaving Alarms On

  • Leaving Screen Doors Locked

  • Not containing Pets

Buyers and their agents prefer to be able to view the property without distraction. However, it is your home so if you cannot leave, it is ok but there are some things you can do to make it go well.

  • Don’t Hover
  • Available for questions
  • Avoid disclosing all the homes faults
  • Present home in the Best Possible Light

When Presenting a Home For Sale You Should Make sure:


  • Your home needs to look its best
  • Clean, Decluttered, Smell
  • Avoid cooking food with strong odors
  • Avoid strong candles or air fresheners

Good Smells:

  • Yet baking cookies is great…
  • As long as you leave some for them

Provide GREAT Information About the Home!

Buyers must compete in most cases. Help them make a decision by:

  • Putting out info about Improvements
  • We offer a Pre Inspection
  • We provide Special Feature Cards that…
  • Highlight Not Obvious Great Features or
  • Scheduled Improvements NOT yet installed

If you are thinking of making a move Barb at 719 301 9090 or visit

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