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Do Home Sellers Really Save Money When Hiring a Discount Agent | Barb Schlinker

So why go with a full commission, full-service agent when you can get the same services, pretty much from an agent who discounts their fee.  Are they really saving money?

Everyone wants a great deal! But is a home seller really saving money going with a discount agent? I recently sold a client’s home who had been on the market for months very recently with NO SALE. I SOLD IT FOR $57000 OVER ASKING FOR CASH! Not all real estate agents are the same. In fact, we are all different! You want to choose an agent that shows you how they can command you the MOST amount of money when you sell…not the least.

I’m Barb Schlinker with Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty.  I have helped hundreds of home sellers who tried to hire a discount agent who charges low fees but their homes ended up NOT selling with that agent or selling for a low price!

Here is an example of a home that with a few simple tweaks could look great but because the discount agent thinks her iPhone is marketing the result:

  • Long Days on Market
  • Lowering price to sell it

If you are thinking of making a move and want to know:

  • What your home will sell for in this market
  • How to prepare to sell your home
  • How much you will put in your pocket when it sells…
  • You can call our office any time at 719 301 9090 or Visit

I had clients who experienced 100 buyers viewing their remodeled home with NO offers. It was priced right! Why no offer? We found out, quickly fixed it and it sold for $10,000 OVER the asking price in 7 days. So really how much would that discount agent save them?

What are some other things a home seller should look for when choosing an agent to represent one of their largest assets?

Well, choosing an agent who has experience selling homes:

  • 5000 agents in the Pikes Peak Region
  • HALF these listings are given to agents who:
    •  KNEW the sellers
    • Offer a Discount rate – just to get SOME income.
  • 74% sell 3 or fewer homes a YEAR
  • 26% of those sold ZERO HOMES IN A YEAR
  • Most Sellers Have No Idea on How to Ask the Right Questions to see if the agents would be a good fit to get them top dollar
  • You want to select an agent that understands the home selling process and has a Proven System
  • Who knows how to position your home to get top dollar by:
    • Appropriate pricing
    • Great marketing
  • Proven System to Command Top Dollar while
  • Making the Process STRESS Free
  • We Just Sold Karens Home
  • She never left her home before she left the state
  • Sold it for $22,500 OVER the asking price
  • We took care of all the details

If you are thinking of making a move and would like to receive our FREE report on “The 10 Questions You Should Ask BEFORE You Hire an Agent…

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