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Tips to Sell Fast and for Top Dollar
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Home sellers planning to put their homes on the market often ask how to prepare. What are some things a home seller should consider when getting their house ready to sell?

Here are the Top 7 Tips: There are 27 things you can do to sell your home fast and for top dollar but today we will talk about the top 7

1.  Curb appeal and exterior. The largest time period a buyer views a home online is on the exterior. That means your curb appeal must be excellent. Make sure the lawn looks great, the lawn looks neat and tidy and any deferred maintenance on the exterior is repaired.

●make sure the front door has a fresh coat of paint,
●the doorbell functions properly and in good repair
●refreshing mulch beds
●inserting flowers
●trimming overgrown bushes
●removing large gangly bushes in the front
●making sure your mailbox is in good shape is important.

2. Your back yard or views. If your home has something very special about its lot and/or views, make absolutely sure those spaces look fantastic. Hire a great agent that will highlight those things with great photos, videos, and drone imagery to wow potential buyers.

3. The Living Room. Recent surveys of homeowners indicate most homeowners spend the majority of their time at home in their living room. So, it makes sense that these rooms must have the best appearance to attract a buyer to want to see and love your home. Here are some top tips for the living room: Position your sofa so that it is facing the door, if you cannot, then place a console table behind the sofa. Create a Focal Point – typically it’s the fireplace, draw attention to the farthest wall with a piece of art or decorative mirror. A Nice accent rug can be good but don’t use one with deep red colors. Neutral is always better. Soften the space with a few accessories – Things like oversize pillows, a soft blanket, 1 or two accent pieces on a coffee table. The Kitchen. Many say the kitchen is the heart of a home. So make sure it’s fresh, clean, all things off counters except the coffee pot, throw rugs removed, dish towels, and utensil display removed. And, here are some inexpensive ways to make your kitchen look expensive:
●Update the hardware
●Use lighter colors
●Replace broken cabinet doors
●Change lighting
●Update the plumbing fixture

5. Master Bathroom. The master bedroom is a top space behind kitchens and living rooms. In general, buyers are looking for an organized and tidy master bath that has a spa-like feel that is calm, neutral with some storage space. Most homebuyers would like a 5 piece bath, If that is not possible, consider making sure the paint is bright and neutral, putting in good lighting, and updating the hardware to brushed nickel with solid surface counters.

6. Master Bedroom. Most buyers want a roomy master bedroom in neutral and tranquil colors. Make sure you remove clutter and excess furniture. Light and neutral bedding is most desirable

7. Closets and Garages. These spaces tend to create the most concern for home sellers. The good news is that most do not photograph closets and inside of garages. But during in house showings, buyers do want to see the size of the space.

If home sellers are interested in ordering the Free Report on the Top 7 Tips to Sell Your Home for Up to 11% More they can visit my Website: and click on the Green Button on the upper right corner or call us at 719 301 3900

Hiring a great real estate team, in advance of when you plan to sell your home, can save you a lot of time and money. Our number one question from clients is about getting their homes ready to sell.
When we come back, we will be discussing: 6 Big Reasons to Call the Barb Schlinker Team to Sell your Home, Best Buy of the Week

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