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6 Big Reasons to Call the Barb Schlinker Team to Sell or Buy a Home
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Let me go into detail about the reasons why people are calling me. WE HAVE BUYERS IN WAITING. We have 23,388 buyers in our database looking for a home in the area. It is likely that the buyer for your home is already in my database – Your home may already be sold! YOUR HOME IS MORE LIKELY TO SELL. With Barb’s proven track record of results, your home is more likely to sell, and sell for more money, and in less time. WE SELL FOR MORE MONEY*. We sell our homes for 3% more in sales price when compared to your average agent. This means real dollars in your pocket. On a $400,000 home, that’s an extra $12,000 more in your pocket.

WE SELL FASTER. We sell homes 4 times faster than the average agent. No gimmicks! For information on Barb’s exclusive Guaranteed Sale Program, call today! 719-319-1802 If you need to Sell first here are the options: Put your home on the market, make an offer contingent on your home selling
Might get shot down a bit, wait to get a contract then make an offer contingent on your home closing
Puts closing in doubt for your seller because waiting for 2 deals to go through Take advantage of our Catch 22 Solution of our Guaranteed Sale. We offer a guaranteed sale program, must agree on the price.

To find out more about we would have to see the home first and meet and discuss the sale.
What are some Can you give us some examples of how you have helped people sell their homes fast and for top dollar?Sell For More Money; Just this year we have put over $293,600 ABOVE asking price on our home seller’s pockets.

  • Sierra – $25,000
  • Star View – $12,500
  • Dix – $25,000
  • Honey Locust – $20,000

Sell For Faster: Star View listed previously for $50,000 LESS no sale, hired me and we sold it the 1st weekend for $12500 over asking More Likely to Sel; The Farm home – tried to sell with another agent
Middle of Summer pics had snow on the ground! Sold in 1 week for Cash. An agent with the Buyers: We update our data bank of buyers of our homes as soon as we get outside pictures Most agents list a home and HOPE some other agents bring them a buyer. We want ALL of the current buyer population to be made aware of it especially in this hot market Biggest complaint we get from buyers and other agents is about how they were ‘late to the party. Just last week Sold home N/E for $30,000 over asking with a cash buyer, got 11 offers, When people are thinking of selling their home, one of the biggest pain points is dealing with showing after showing. We try to minimize that great, effective marketing the helps them get all the buyers through quickly.

Our Performance Guarantees:

  • Both for Buyers and Sellers
  • Your home Sold Guaranteed Or I’ll Buy It
  • Your Home Sold at 100% of Market Value or I’ll pay you the Difference
  • Love the Home You Buy or I’ll Buy it Back
  • How many other agents out there will make such an offer?

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