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People often want to know who hires my team to buy and sell homes? We want to help as many families as well can because we are on a mission to raise money for Veterans’ causes like:

  • Fisher House
  • USO
  • Tunnel for Towers – Smart Homes Program
  • I’ve built our team to support people from all walks of life but here are some examples:
  • Doctors
  • Police Officers
  • Active Duty Military Members
  • Lawyers
  • CEOs
  • Business Owners
  • Engineers
  • Retired People looking to downsize
  • Real Estate developersReal Estate investors pretty much all walks of life, when you want a service, it’s always best to hire someone who is a professional. We recently went to get a security system, I thought I hired a large company who were pros but because quickly disappointed. Price quote changed – went up 3 times, monthly fee changed – went up 2 times, upsold me equipment. It was so bad I just could not commit to them and decided on a smaller firm who had years of experience – in that big box environment and that person:
  • Listened to my needs
  • Was able to present a workable solution
  • Executed on that solution
  • Time and time again I get calls from people who hired, people they ‘knew’ that ended in frustration and no sale.
  • Out of the 4900+ agents – 74% have sold 3 or less homes in a YEAR.
  • Would you hire a beginner to handle one of your largest assets?
  • That actively works on the business, who has some knowledge and expertise and has skills of:
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Negotiating
  • Closing
  • Providing Wow Service
  • Following Up

When someone is buying a home, very few agents are skilled at the ‘getting the home’ for their buyers. We train on how to do this all the time. Some of the crazy stuff I get in offers include; Move out but I want a chance to back out all the way until closing, request for information about the neighbors. Or about the future value or future buyer use of the property. Offer hedges, Least favorite: failure of the lender to appropriately vet the buyer to obtain a loan Just last week, we sold two homes for over asking price with multiple offers. But not in 1 day!
I watch the MLS activity all the time. The behavior I see is that most agents leap at presenting the first offer as quickly as possible. Someone who does not know how to market to get top dollar, will do just that.
I set up 3 homes to show in Thursday in the 575-600K price point for a Saturday AM showing. By Friday evening the listing agents cancelled two of them.
How do those home sellers know that my buyer would have not offered more? Because they would not wait. They don’t! By the way, these homes had NOT been sitting on the market for weeks, they were on the market for just 1 day!!

Speaking of selling Fast for Top Dollar we are featuring a Hot Home of the Week
3040 Woodview Ct, 80918: $349,999 call 719 301 3900.

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