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Everyone is saying the market is really strong for home sellers. So why do the details of selling need to be carefully managed?
Market indicators are very strong. Available Inventory down by 51% from 1 Year Ago, total Number of Homes that Went Under Contract UP by 22%.
Average Days on Market = 19 Days If you are buying a home, that presents the issues of low inventory competition.
If Buyers agents think it works the way it used to work, they will be in for a rude awakening! Just last week, I had multiple agents calling and flopping on the floor because they could not get in to see my two hot listings of the week when THEY or their buyer WANTED TO SEE THEM! I’ve had agents confront my sellers about: Being at the home for showing, “Didn’t your agent ‘school you’ on how this works” I love my seller’s response… “Last I checked I still own the house!” Getting the buyer the house takes a lot more effort than the comfy way we used to do things: Set up a showing..whenever. Hope they like it, go write an offer
Hope there is not a competition, then the offer, People LOVE stories! Most agents (not all) don’t know how to sell the buyer, in any way. Sellers do CARE about who buys their home.
I have seen sellers take LOWER offers from the buyers they LIKED better!

My team is trained on How to Present a Buyer to obtain a winning Bid how Easy is the agent to communicate and work with most home sellers don’t like failed contracts!
Recently had a contract where the buyer paid a good price then beat the seller up for RIDICULOUS CONCESSIONS LIKE $7000 FOR 7 SMALL WINDOWS WOW!
Plus ANOTHER 5700 IN SELLER PAID CLOSING COSTS That was an Inspection Objection Negotiation BUT… The agent let the deadline come and go… Oops! Got a better offer! Bye Bye greedy buyer and that buyer now has to go make another 10 offers to maybe get a house
An experienced agent knows how to get you the house and keep it if that’s what the buyer wants.

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