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Home Inspection Pitfalls When Selling a Home
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Most buyers will do a home inspection after they buy a home. What are some of the pitfalls a home seller could run into when selling their home?
33 Physical Problems that come under scrutiny, with the inventory low, most buyers are stating they will not ask for cosmetic issues and focus on major systems, health, and safety.
Colorado does NOT require a license to be an inspector. In most cases, the lenders and appraisers do not require much of these items. They focus on whether the home meets the lending guidelines:
Safety trip hazards, window well covers, broken windows, etc.

Today We will cover the top 7 System categories:
1. Mechanical Systems: HVAC – clean and service furnace, Water Heater – check permit history, building code has changed Electrical – GFCI issues

2. Plumbing: There are often hidden things you may not see, it would not hurt to get your home pre-inspected.

3. Appliances: These should be functional, The refrigerator, washer, and dryer are considered personal property.

4. Sewer / Septic: If the home does not have a sewer cleanout… Had inspectors pull toilets and not replace seals Run sewer scopes through inappropriate lines We are talking about Home Inspection Pitfalls and top 7 systems that come under scrutiny, what else typically gets called out on inspections?

5. Decking / Broken Flatwork: This could be a safety issue Wood takes a beating in this climate Much of these can be repaired. Lately, buyers are asking for broken concrete to be repaired. Not required by the lender unless it is a trip hazard.
Contractors say concrete will crack

6. Roofing: Hail in our climate these are very, painfully common. Before you go up for sale talk to your insurance company about the deductible for roof replacement if you think that will be an issue.

7. Windows: Broken seals are cosmetic, functionality is a different issue.
Wildcard: The buyer WISH list

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