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We know that people do not live in their homes the same way they have their homes on the market. What are some easy projects home sellers can do if they are planning to sell their homes to get Buyers to Fall in Love with Their Home
Buyers spend most of their time viewing the outside and backyard when viewing homes online. Curb appeal is massively important to home buyers, getting this right does not have to be expensive.
During the fall you can…

  • Rake the leaves
  • Trim the shrubs
  • Mow and edge yards are
  • Going dormant very soon
  • Add finishing touches like:
  • Cover bare spots in the lawn
  • Revive planters with mulch even fake seasonal flowers
  • Clear the gutters
  • Touch up peeling paint
  • Rejuvenate the fences – big for first impressions.

Make sure the mailbox is in good repair, Create an attractive Entry with pumpkin decorations, seasonal flower pot. Driveways – power wash clean, repair. Residents rarely use the front door. But it’s huge for the first impression, can you give us some examples of how to make buyers fall in love with your home? Spruce up the Entry, install decorative lighting – Costco has those amazing LED carriage lights that automatically come on at night – cost $40 each. Even walkway solar lighting is nice. Even though the inventory of available homes is very low…Buyers still want nice homes.  Most are purchasing with all the cash they can come up with.  So if there are things that are considered ‘deferred maintenance’ such as Old, tired, stained carpet  Broken appliances  Obvious cosmetic issues not addressed
Those could scare buyers away.

You want the buyer so committed that on the inspection they want to do all they can to ‘get the house’  It actually puts the home in a bad light if it goes under contract, then the contract fails…those online websites tell the world about that. Then we have to explain to other agents why the deal fell apart.  Many times it’s not the house but the buyer financing failed because their agents did not verify the buyers could really perform.  That is very frustrating and that’s why you need to hire an agent who knows how to do that for you.

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