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Real estate is very very local and it has a lot to do with the economy, what’s going on, the economy, and the local market. It’s not a national game it never has been, in most places people need a place to live and I don’t know if you’ve been out there shopping for a rental lately but rent rates have gotten super expensive. So if you have decent credit you really don’t need a big down payment to purchase a home.

  • Good Credit and Income – No NEED for a Down Payment
  • Current buyer – $324,999 home on acreage $1000 out of pocket!
  • Military and Veterans – ZERO down payment
  • You can get FHA financing for as little as 3.5% down
  • Two Down Payment Assistance programs
  • 4% Down Payment Given to Buyer
  • Rent Rates = Sticker Shock!
  • Buy a Home for Less Than Rent
  • Prices increasing 9% per year
  • Are we in a Real Estate Bubble?
  • No – why Jobs, Employment, 44% of Driving Factors of this economy is from Aerospace and Defense.
  • That’s not going anywhere
  • Southwest Airlines HERE
  • Even the Realogy CEO predicts a strong real estate market for 2021.
  • The housing market has continued to set records with home sales far outpacing last year’s totals by 35%
  • 3rd Quarter 2020
  • Stronger – Low-Interest Rates – HUGE Impact
  • Thinking of selling soon? now is a GREAT time,
  • only 665 homes on the market
  • If Selling = VERY Low Competition
  • December is often one of our best months.

Why this real estate market will remain strong? There are a bunch of factors:
A. It’s a great place to live
B. Prices are relatively affordable
C. Property taxes are reasonable
D. Lots of Good Jobs and Employment opportunities
E. Interest Rates are amazing now:
1% decrease in Interest Rates = 10% more buying power
Interest rates and home prices Do Not suddenly Change Overnight…it’s about the Economy!

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