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What are some of the best ways to shop for homes in this low inventory of homes environment?

  1. Hire an agent that has only your interest in mind. Buyers do not typically know how it works and just respond to whoever they connect with online.  Zillow does not Tell the public from our MLS that homes are under contract very frustrating for buyers.
  2. Get your financing and down payment in order
  3. Plan out when you will view homes, 2-4 appointments deep. Homes sell quickly!

How competing offers shake out in this market now? We have a cash investor that purchases buy and hold real estate up to $500K They buy about 500 homes a year for their buy and hold investors They buy in 55 real estate markets in the US. They pay price, sometimes over full price CASH for homes. That buyer is really tough to compete with because I have seen them bid over the asking price and if the seller is worried about appraisals this seems to be the best deal. But if you pre-plan and have a great agent there is a WAY to beat even them.
Bear Tooth Story. Buyers-In-Waiting: NEW BUYER Alert!!!!!
Couple leaving California and moving back to Colorado Springs, up to $500,000.


  • Well Maintained
  • Close to Children’s Hospital
  • Private Back Yard.

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