How to Prepare a Home for Sale

This real estate market is red hot. Most homes are selling days. Why should a home seller go out of their way to make their homes show-ready?

To Get a Good offer on a home, three rules about selling for top dollar work every time – Preparation, Pricing & Promotion.

Home Sellers Control the First Two and Getting this Wrong Could Mean the Difference between just getting an offer vs getting multiple offers and ultimately the BEST offer.


This Segment is about Preparation:

  • Unless a home is priced WAY BELOW others that are similar
  • Preparation is hugely important
  • What does that involve?

HGTV made many buyers expect beautifully remodeled homes at any price. While that is NOT reality the closer you can get the home to “Move in Ready”, the Better.

Buyers Eliminate Homes Based on the ONLINE Images:

  • If the Curb Appeal is not great – they move on
  • If the Condition needs $ into, they move on
  • Most buyers focus on:
    • Curb Appeal
    • Yard/View
    • Living Room
    • Kitchen
    • Master Bathroom
    • Master Bedroom

It’s not just the cosmetic features:

  • You should be prepared for inspections
  • This means keeping the home well maintained to include:
    • Furnace
    • Water Heater
    • Roof electrical
    • Plumbing
    • Working Appliances

Examples of deferred maintenance:
Obvious Wear Pattern and Stains on Carpet or

Pet Damage:

Odor is a Way to Repel Buyers:

  • Pet Odors

• Strong Cooking Odors – Especially Onions, Garlic, Fish & Curry

If you bake cookies…

– make them available to the buyers


  • Heavy Candles or Air Fresheners BAD IDEA
  • Cleaning product odors:
    • The new carpet has a smell.
    • Mold has a smell
    • Strong Cleaning products have smells

Homes That Look Dated Define:

Mis Matched Appliances:


Cluttered Rooms





Empty Rooms Do Not Show Well. NONE of this furniture is real.













Does a home Seller need to spend a lot of money to prepare their homes for sale?

What Does it Cost to Prepare a Home for Sale?

It could cost very little. In most cases, it’s a few key improvements that make a huge difference. If you do not have the resources, we often fund the improvements and get reimbursed at closing for our costs.


Best Bang for the Improvement Dollar:

  • Curb Appeal:
    • Paint front door
    • Take care of any peeling paint
    • Refresh mulch beds
    • Kitchens & Baths
    • Per Kevin O’Leary
  • Kitchens
    • Could be hardware
    • Could be appliances
    • Could be flooring
    • Could be countertops
  • Baths
    • Light fixtures (no more Hollywood lights)


Most buyers deeply dislike carpeted bath floors – worth upgrading.



Clean, clean fresh, and clean!


Get Rid of the Clutter Monster.


Even in this RED-HOT SELLERS MARKET preparing a home to get top dollar will pay off exponentially in most cases.




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