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How To Sell a Home the Right Way in a High Demand Market

We have heard that there are many more limited choices of homes for buyers to choose from. What are some great tips to sell a home the Right Way in a High Demand market?

  • There are 823 SF Homes on the Market in El Paso Teller and Elbert Counties
  • There are 61.3% FEWER Homes on the market
  • Home values have increased by 23.5% in just 1 year!
  • Interest Rates at Record Low Levels
  • What does that look like if you are thinking of selling?

Multiple offers to choose from if you are priced realistically:

  • Hire the Agent You Believe Can Get You Top Dollar
  • Pick the best offer
  • Pick and choose your preferred closing date
  • Smooth on-time closing


I got selected to list the house over the agent. The seller had NOT signed a contract with her or me and I was scheduled to go meet with the sellers when I discovered…

She put the home in the MLS with:

  • No Pictures
  • No # of Bedrooms
  • No # of Bathrooms
  • Wrong PRICE -Too LOW!

The agent put HER needs ahead of the sellers by:

  • Caused the home to look very unattractive only
  • Created a historical record of the property that was not previously there!
    • Shows increase in price


  • Do the Math
  • 5000 Agents
  • 823 Homes on the Market
  • Most are NOT getting paid monthly

What are some other ways to sell the Right Way in a High Demand market?

Pick an agent who actively sells in This Market.

  • 5000 Agents in this market / 74% sell 3 or fewer homes a year!
  • 25% of those sell ZERO homes!

Pick an agent who knows how to command top dollar.

  • How to Set up the Showing Schedule
  • How to Attract the Entire Current Buyer Population
  • How to Negotiate to Get you Top Dollar
  • There is NO training on negotiations in the business!

Pick an agent who knows how to help you make your home look amazing!

  • Buyers Eliminate Homes Based on the Pictures – these must be right!
  • How to Help you Get Ready for Pictures
  • How to Get Great Images
  • How to Attract the Right Buyer

If you are thinking of making a move call Barb at 719 301 3900 or visit or if you want a free report the – Getting the Price You Want and Need visit: and go to the GREEN Button in the upper right corner that says FREE Reports.



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