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How to Get Your Asking Price
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It is surprising to me in this hot market that not every home sells.
How do home sellers make sure they get their asking price?

●The asking price is the first impression and often the first thing buyers see
●Many homes are discarded by buyers as not being in their appropriate price range
●Pricing should not be taken lightly
○Pricing too high can be as costly as pricing too low
●Looking at good, relevant market data gives you an excellent idea of how to Price Realistically vs Optimistically
○Pricing too high – buyers assume something is wrong if a home sits on the market
○Pricing too low could give the same impression unless its properly marketed eg:
■Had a recent sale that had heavy cigarette smoke damage. But explained it. Home sold for 23% OVER asking price.
■If I did NOT explain, buyers might have worried about other issues.
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Doesn’t it make sense to price it high for “negotiating room”. I would think the logic is… “I can always come down, correct?” Well actually the opposite is true. Many buyers in this market are facing bidding wars in most price ranges. So, if a home is priced at the top of their price range ‘for negotiating room’ they may NOT make an offer AT ALL

What if you are thinking about selling a home but not ready now. How can you get more information?
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