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We are talking about marketing a home. Do the words written in ads really matter and who writes them? Yes, absolutely. Buyers want to know all there is to know about a home, especially in a hot market. We write the ads to attract buyers on emotion…NOT on the data. When people buy homes its an emotional purchase. Not often is it logical. We have a saying about “Love” word. Yesterday we had 11 shows in a higher priced home. There are many buyers and agents that said the “love’ word. It could mean the difference between 8 offers or no offers if it is not done correctly
Example: 3 bedrooms 2 bath home.

Verses spacious bedrooms with plenty of closet space and gorgeous views. It’s all about visualization Same with pictures in a way. Those are a form of ads and evoke emotion. Buyers eliminate homes based on the photos. That is why we are very careful on what pictures are placed on each listing and in what order. Some sellers want images of every nook and cranny. But photos of toilets, messy garages and closets do not appeal emotionally to buyers. This is why we as a company invest so much in making sure our imagery is great!

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