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7 Things You Must Know Before Putting Your Colorado Springs Area Home Up for Sale

In the last topic, we talked about how it’s a seller’s market, which means, in many cases, the home sellers get to choose from multiple offers, and there is a low number of available homes on the market, but you have said before that Buyers are still quite picky and will pay top dollar for the BEST homes. What are some of the top things home sellers must know before putting their Colorado Springs area home up for sale?

1. The traditional ways of selling homes have become increasingly less and less effective in today’s market.

#1 Mistake is to Analyze Why Your Are Selling and Have a Destination in Mind

#2 Mistake – The number 2 mistake is:
o Not Preparing the home for Buyers Eye…
 Where are the Buyer’s eyes?

a. You have NO IDEA what buyers are eliminating homes

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o Most home sellers want top dollar
o You will actually GET top dollar if you DO NOT overprice
 It does not work to build in ‘negotiating room” buyers already positioned to have to pay top dollar in this market. If you reach too high they will not even make an offer – even if they are interested.

Selling a Home is More Complicated Than Buying a Home
You need a real estate professional who:
• Sells a lot of homes in this market
• Knows market trends and values
• Knows how to command top dollar

We offer a FREE, in- home consultation on what to do and what NOT to do to get your home ready to command top dollar, we can give you a good idea what your home will sell for in this market and go over all the closing costs to show you how much you will put in your pocket when it sells, just give us a call at 719 301 3900 or visit

We are talking about the Top 7 Home Seller Mistakes home sellers should know before they put their homes up for sale. What are some of the other mistakes?

4. Not Being prepared to buy their next home:

• There are lots of ways to get pre-approved to buy their next home.
o Some sellers buy their next home first
o Others need to sell this home before they buy their next.
o Some lenders provide Bridge financing to some equity out for a down payment

• Most people need a destination

• We can connect you with a GREAT mortgage lender that can help you prepare
• Just ask Dan and Eddie.
o They took a Home Equity Line of Credit for their next down payment
o Bought their new home FIRST then sold their existing home

5. Selling Too Hard During Showings
o There are no showing rules
o Agents might think so and some get a bit sassy
 Cambridge story
o It’s your home
o However, hovering while showing is not a great idea
o It’s ok to answer questions
o Do not disclose:
 Motivation to sell
o Do not give stuff away during showings
 Everything MUST be in writing

6. Making it Difficult for Buyers to Get Information on Their Home
o Buyers do a lot of research
o Most people have a drawer where all the house paperwork is.
o Make it available = especially for inspections

7. Signing a Long Term Listing Agreement without a written Performance Guarantee
o Most agents have NO guarantees
o We have 6 satisfaction guarantees plus home sale guarantees
o You want an agent who stands behind their words.

Home Enhancement Listing Program
You want an agent who has solutions to your problems: Regardless of your situation or budget, we can help you get ready. We have what we call the HELP program which we pre-pay for a few reasonable updates that can make the difference between sold for top dollar and NOT sold. To find out more give us a call at 719 301 3900.


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