How to Choose the Best Real Estate Agent When Selling Your Home

Many people do want to interview several agents to pick the best one. Here are the Top 10 Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring an Agent.  

  • Not All Real Estate Agents are The SAME
  • Picking the WRONG agent can COST a home seller Thousands.
  • Most People DO NOT KNOW What Questions to Ask

10 Questions to Ask Before You Hire An Agent
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  • There are agents that discount and DO VERY LITTLE
  • There are agents that charge full price and DO VERY LITTLE

So, when home sellers are considering selling a home, they want to interview agents but they are not sure what to ask…

The name of the report is the 10 Questions to Ask Before You Hire an Agent.

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Here are a few of the Questions:
1. How many buyers are you working with?
2. How likely is your company to bring buyers through my home?

What happens if I am not happy with the job you are doing? Can I cancel my listing contract?

  • Many home sellers feel stuck in a long-term contract and become dissatisfied if it’s not the seller.
  • We provide our clients a VIP Seller Agreement – where we put in writing all of our guarantees including:
    • Our Buyers In Waiting Guarantee
    • Our Hones Promises Guarantee
    • Our Home Sold Guarantee &
    • Our Cancellation Guarantee..just to mention a few of them.


  • There are over 5000 agents in the Pikes Peak region.
    • 74% of them sold 3 homes or less in the past year.
    • 25% of THOSE agents have sold ZERO homes.
  • Would you hire a financial planner who has few clients?

Here are some Questions Most Agents prefer you WOULD NOT ASK:

  • How Many homes do you sell a year?
  • How Many Homes do you sell a month
  • How many homes have you sold in my area?

My team and I are selling a home every 48 hours.
And we know our performance statistics without having to look them up…

If you would like to get the full list of questions you should ask when hiring an agent, you can order your report at: or
call us at 719 301 3900

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