Why we Market Our Listings on Social Media and other Sites

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Barb Schlinker Realtor


Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty Colorado

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Q.Why do you market your listings on Social Media and other websites?

o There have been many times when people have told me…we were not planning on buying a home but we saw it online and HAD to have it.

o Scope of social media:

 Facebook 244 million in us

 Linked in 65 Million in us avg income $108K

 Twitter 48 Million in us

 Instagram 119 Million in us

 Pinterest 250 million per MONTH in us

 YouTube – 2.1 Billion per month of which US is 15% = 300 million users per month – my favorite

 Search Barb Schlinker or Colorado Barb and I have created over 175 videos in the past year

Q.Why is Social Media and YouTube a Great Place for People that Market?

o We market our listings

o We provide real estate education

o Drive traffic back to our website or

o Obtain inquiries about our listings

o Great way to attract buyers

We are here talking with Barb Schlinker of Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty on the Real Estate Voice show, you can reach Barb at 719-888-3736 or visit www.BarbHasTheBuyers.com. 


Q.Why so many different social media platforms? 

o There are different people on different platforms.

o Facebook now considered more of a middle age or older group

o Instagram is more for younger age, there are using some that I’ve never heard of. Too.

o Linked in is more job seekers and professionals

o You Tube covers a much wider age demographic

We are here with Barb Schlinker on the Real Estate Voice show, if you are thinking of selling your home and want to get the MOST amount of money when you sell Call Barb at 719-888-3736 or visit  www.BarbHasTheBuyers.com

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