Why Should You Hire an Agent When You Buy New Construction Home?

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Why Hire an Agent When You Buy New Construction?

Q.When people go to buy new homes, should they have their own representation?

o There is nothing more exciting than building a new home.

o There are a lot of great builders in town.

o But you do not want to be denied representation

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Q.What Have you Experienced that Cause Concern for not using an agent?

o Once I bought a new home and at the next big snowstorm, my tenants informed me it was snowing in the unfinished. Closed basement. There was a facia board missing at the top of the foundation wall. The builder fixed it, fortunately.

o Mostly they view the buyers as their clients and often leave the agents out of things like the interim inspection walks and color selection. There are some agents that do not care and just want to get a contract and collect their check when the house is done. That is not our team.

o The best part for buyers, though it taking your own representation does NOT cost the buyer more money.

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Q.What about inspections on new homes? 

o I have seen several builders discourage buyers from getting an outside inspection because they believe that their superintendents and regional building inspectors will catch every issue.

o Not true, I re-sold one 5-year-old home where the structural support was not properly configured. The builder did come back and fix it but it should have been caught by both the builder and regional building.

Q.Are new homes more expensive than existing homes?

o Typically yes, and there are some costs that most buyers do not budget for like landscaping and window coverings.

o Also, that is why appraisers will not use a new construction home as a similar sale on existing/resale homes.  Many new homes are priced based on the cost of constructions and often have upgrades, chosen by the buyer that may exceed market value.


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