Why So Few Homes are on the Market Now

Why Are There Much Fewer Homes on the Market?

  • Rising Home Prices
  • Low-Interest Rates
  • Inventory of Available homes is at RECORD LOW

More Reasons for Fewer Homes for Sale!

  • New Construction Not Keeping UP
  • Lumber Prices High
  • Slowing Spec Homes

“Even if Colorado could somehow double the number of housing permits issued, the Colorado Association of Homebuilders told the Problem Solvers it would still take three years or more to meet demand.”

  • Elephant in the Room
  • 63% of the People Selling will be Buying Another Home.
  • Only 6% Potentially in Forbearance.

What are some other things that are causing fewer people to put their homes up for sale?

  • Escalating Prices!
  • Recent Survey of would be Home Sellers
  • 31% Worried about Affordability

Wait for Market to Crash???
Bidding Wars!

How to Win a Bidding War Without Offering More Money

Buyers Having to LOWER Their Price to BID OVER Asking just to get a contract accepted!

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