Why Do I Need A Real Estate Agent to Sell my Home

This real estate market is very robust, If the market inventory is so low that most homes are selling, why does a home seller need real estate to sell a home?

The Colorado Springs Region has a 2 Week Supply of Homes – Sellers’ Market

Right now there are only 454 Available properties (all types) in 3 counties: El Paso, Teller and Elbert

With over 1600 sales per month, we cannot re-supply the demand.  Over 5000 Agents – so I can understand a home seller being skeptical about an agent’s opinion of value.

Last week I sold John and Fran’s home for $65,000 OVER asking price. And that happened NOT because it was priced below market, they priced appropriately…realistically vs optimistically.  But because we know how to create demand to get top dollar for our home sellers.

Not all real estate agents are the same.  Most agents just do what other agents do…stick in the listing service and ‘hope’ another agent will bring a buyer.  To us, that is not enough.

Selecting the Wrong Agent Can Cost or Save your Thousands.

I recently knew of a home seller that thought he would sell by owner and ‘save’ the commission.  Here is how that played out:

  • Buyer found a home FSBO for $625,000
  • This home should have sold for over $750,000
  • The Seller ‘Saved the Commission”
  • The Seller UNDER PRICED it by $125,000

Loss to the seller:  $80,000

The buyer got a great deal~ in a market where the seller should have gotten much more. That is why Agent Selection is Hugely Important to a Home Seller. At the end of this blog I’ll be sharing with you how you can get a FREE Report called: The Ten Questions You Must Ask When Hiring an Agent. What would a home seller expect an agent to do to Market Their Home and Create the MOST Demand?

Selling a home in this market to command top dollar does NOT mean an agent should slack off on marketing.

Marketing gets you TOP DOLLAR!

FACT: The Average agent spends $129 per month on marketing! That is most likely on marketing THEMSELVES. Most agents only offer the Listing Service as “Marketing”. Do ALL of the buyers come from the MLS???

You Must First Ask:

Where do buyers come from?

Recent NAR Study: Where buyers found the home they purchased:

  • Internet: 52%
  • Real estate agent: 29%
  • Yard sign/open house sign: 6%
  • Friend, relative, or neighbor: 5%
  • Homebuilder or their agent: 6%
  • Directly from sellers/Knew the sellers: 2%
  • Print newspaper advertisement: 1%

What Should My Agent Do to Help Me Prepare My Home for Sale?

  • This is The #1 Question I Get from Home Sellers is “

What does you or your agent know about creating demand?

  • A Home Seller has less than 57 Seconds to Make an Impression on the Buyer Online or it will be eliminated without viewing it in person!
  • Not All Real Estate Agents are The Same!
    • Staging
    • Photography
    • Presentation
    • Promotion – ONLY MLS? That’s is?
    • Video
    • Negotiating
    • Legal Requirements and Forms

Why Not Sell it By Owner?

Even the National Association of Realtors reported last year that the 8% of sales done by owner indicated those people that sold their home by owner on average sold them for:

$77,100 LESS than those using a real estate agent.

To Order Your FREE Report entitled:

“The Ten Questions you Must Ask When Hiring an Agent”

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