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We have heard that there are much more limited choices of homes for buyers to choose from. Why that is and why this is a great time to sell a home, even in the middle of winter? The Colorado Springs area real estate market is, by far one of the HOTTEST in the Country. Home values have increased by 17.1% in just 1 year!
What does that look like if you are thinking of selling? Multiple offers to choose from if: you are priced realistically
you hire the right agent who knows how to command top dollar, Pick the best offer, Pick and choose your preferred closing date. Smooth on-time closing.

I’m Barb Schlinker with Your Hold Sold Guaranteed Realty, I have helped thousands of home sellers sell for top dollar. If you are thinking of putting your home up for sale you should be concerned about hiring an agent who:

1.Suggests an unreasonably high asking price.
2.Discounts their fee just to get a listing.
3.Does not know how to command Top Dollar.
4.hours to go and show – how does that seller know that other buyers would not pay more?
Not every agent is the same.

Is the Inventory really low? No, It’s just that so many homes are selling! January and February are historically the months where the least number of homes are available to choose from. Supply and Demand: Low Supply and High Demand = Great for Home Sellers. Met a buyer last weekend that decided to move early because the school schedule is inconsistent.

1.With Fewer homes to compete with:
a.Home Sellers should present their homes in the best light possible.
b.We can give you GREAT ADVICE and save you money.
i.What to Do and What Not to Do to get ready for sale
ii. We Will talk about their home value…
iii. Buyers want to know…” What kind of home can I afford in my price range”
iv.That is why if you are thinking of selling you really need an agent that:
2.understands the market to help you command top dollar.
3.Actively sells in the market
4.Knows how to command top dollar

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