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Many home sellers worry about expensive repairs that can come up on a home inspection, What can home sellers do to pass their home inspection?
1.Sellers are happiest when I get their home under contract 😊
2.The assumption is the home is sold as-is…actually…
3.The contract says “The home is sold as is where is with all its faults”…but…
4.I have seen agents blow up contracts for the oddest and many times inaccurate reasons.

Did you know, in the state of Colorado, there is NO license to be an inspector!?! But Buyer Agents take the inspector’s assumptions as being 100% accurate! I’m Barb Schlinker with Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty Colorado and I have thousands of home sellers get top dollar for their homes and pass their home inspections. We are offering a Free Report on the 11 Home Inspection Traps to Avoid when Selling a Home

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Here are the Top Five Things you can do to prepare for your home inspection:

  • Clean and Service the Furnace
  • Home Warranties Require these
  • Have the Roof Inspected: FREE with Us
  • Consider a Pre Inspection
  • Have the Sewer Cleaned andScoped
  • Have the Septic Inspected
  • You want to know, in advance, about the big-ticket items
  • Consider including a Home Warranty
  • How Home Warranties Work
  • How Much do they Cost
  • What They Cover
  • Why Buyers and Sellers Love Them

If you have any questions about this just give us a call at 719 301 3900 or visit

So how are sellers represented during the inspection?

  • Agents don’t want to go
  • Invalidates my Insurance
  • Inspectors unlicensed
  • We attend to represent our clients
  • Inspections are another point of negotiation

You do not have to fix anything, most a reasonable “health, and safety”. Buyers agents will verify all at final walk-through. You want an agent who has the knowledge and experience to help you with solutions to your home sale problems: To find out more give her a call at 719 301 3900.

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