Walk with Barb in Her Daily Real Estate Agent Schedule by Barb Schlinker


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Step into the world of a Real Estate Agent’s Daily schedule with Barb Schlinker of Parker St Claire Realty. Barb talks about how her 3 closings (homes sold) went that day while driving out to a listing appointment. She gives a tour of the more rural eastern El Paso County where you get to see windmills and country life that day. Barb got the listing and had a great day! To find out Barb sells homes fast and for top dollar, call Barb at (719) 301 1802. or visit http://www.BarbHasTheBuyers.com

Barb Schlinker $ 7660 Goddard St, Suite 213, Colorado Springs, CO 80920 719-301-1802
Barb Schlinker, Listing Agent
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