Reasons Why A Seller May Cancel Their Listing Agreement

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I’ve seen many reasons why people will change agents, but the biggest 2 are number 1, the home is not selling. This could be a lot of reasons. Pricing, photos, staging, marketing or the agent not communicating. For most people, it’s uncomfortable to fire anyone and if you’re in an agreement with a real estate agent, it really does take a lot of courage to decide to make a change. But if your agent, the one you selected is not getting the results, not performing to their agreement, it’s okay to do this whether you’re still in an agreement or not. You know, recently I had a call from a home seller that said that his showing suddenly stopped for the past month. So I looked up the property and it turned out that the previous agent actually let the home drop expire, drop out of all the internet websites.

It was off the market. That’s why there were no showings and I listed that home and sold it. I had another listing that recently when I spoke with them about their former agent, they scheduled a meeting with the agent because their home wasn’t selling prior to them calling me and the agent decided not to show up. He instead went out and showed buyers other homes and he didn’t want to talk to the seller about why the home wasn’t selling. So when I asked the home seller, you know, how they came up with their price because their price was a little bit high. They said “Oh! We just went off whatever the agent said it was worth”. Not only was the price too high, but one of the key benefits of owning that home was not marketed at all. It’s a really cool raised ranch

Up the past, they were renting out the lower level, Airbnb and living on the upper level. They were commanding $4,000 a month doing that through Airbnb, but there was nothing in the listing about that business. You know, we as a business offer 6 satisfaction guarantees. The first one is a cancellation guarantee. If you’re not happy, we go away. We want to make sure that our clients are very happy so that we can help more families and give back to our veterans also have an honest promises guarantee and it’s detailed out in our professional service agreement in writing. We also have a reality-based selling price guarantee and a guaranteed sale and also a reality-based timetable giving you a realistic time on when your home sell. We also have an honest presentation of experience and track record guarantee, and if we’re not honest with what we’re saying, we’re so committed to that, that we’re willing to donate $5,000 to charity. Also, qualified buyers guarantee.

You know, sellers are typically shocked when they find out that many agents that show their homes are showing to unqualified buyers just to get a chance to meet those buyers in person, we call it pop targeting, where they get the call, they pop out of their house, go show the home. They don’t know if the buyer is pre-qualified or if they can even buy a couch on Craigslist charities. We’re not just about the sale. We want to make a difference in our people’s lives and serve them so that they’re satisfied.

Here are our 6 satisfaction guarantees. Number 1, we want to earn your business. So if we make a mistake, we will honor that with a discount at closing, communication guarantee. We’re going to update you weekly on what’s going with your listing, what’s going on, what’s the feedback, what’s the showing, what’s the exposure?

So if you decide to make a change in real estate agents, how is that done? First of all, our state agreements already have a cancellation guarantee built into it. It’s a clause that says if you, the seller, do not believe that the agent has performed as promised, you can cancel the contract. So what’s odd about our state forms is there’s really nothing in there, in the agreement about what the agent’s really going to do to sell your home. To me, selling is not sticking a home in the MLS and hoping another agent brings a buyer.

What are they going to do for marketing? How are they going to expose it? That’s not in the agreement. The only thing that’s in there is what the seller must do and must not do and things to protect the agent. We actually have a professional service agreement where we put in writing exactly all the work that we’re going to do to get your home sold and if a seller wants to make a change, they need to talk to their agent about canceling their agreement first.

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