Why Buyers Cannot Trust the Accuracy of Available Homes Online

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Did you know that most home buyers will be searching online for 12 or more different websites? Why do they do that? Because they’re afraid of missing out on the perfect home. Even according to industry experts, national websites are not the best option to find a home, including Zillow and Realtor.com. So here are the 5 worst places to search for a home. Number 1, Zillow! Did you know that when Zillow has a home online and they know that it’s under contract, they never show that it’s under contract?

So what that means is the seller has already accepted a contract with a buyer, so the new buyer is highly unlikely to get that home. The number 2 worst place is Realtor.com, both Realtor.com and Zillow have every address in the country on their website and most of them are not for sale, but you wouldn’t know that unless you read the fine print. How does that help buyers? The number 3 worst place is foreclosure websites or pre-foreclosure websites. Most home sellers facing foreclosure, they don’t want to talk to anybody. Even though these could represent really good deals, most home sellers are trying to work out the situation with the bank and oftentimes they’ll be led by the bank all the way until it forecloses that the bank’s going to help them and work it out. So when the bank does take it back and foreclosure though, they don’t really put the home right back on the market.

It can be a month, it can be a year. The number 4 worst place is if an agent says, “Oh, I’m an area expert or a listing agent”, and that’s because they may not really be an expert. They might have one sale in that neighborhood or driving through the neighborhood. Where are the best places for homebuyers to search for homes online? Well, first of all, there are about a thousand MLS’s in the country and all of them have a public place for buyers to search for the actually available homes. The real estate agents have to indicate on those websites whether or not the home is under contract. Buyers want to know that so they know whether or not they can get the home. You can really save yourself a lot of time if you hire a great real estate agent that not only knows the market but can actually go out and find you the home

 Did you know in Colorado you don’t have to be licensed to be an inspector? Great home warranties to cover their systems, will help negotiate to get them the best home and then during the inspection, we’ll tell them what to watch out for. You know, there are certain things that are very local to the area, like in this area. We have to worry about radon, we have to worry about hail, we have to worry about other things, but there are certain things that are just normal wear and tear. So what is a problem and what needs to be fixed?

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