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We talked about how it’s a seller’s market, which means, in many cases, the home sellers get to choose from multiple offers, and there is a low number of available homes on the market, but we have said before that Buyers eliminate homes online. What are some things that a home seller can do to make their home seem on-trend and more attractive to home buyers? The Average Buyers spends LESS than 57 Seconds Viewing a Single Home ONLINE. You have NO IDEA what buyers are eliminating homes, but here is what you can do about it… ‘NEUTRAL IS ALWAYS BETTER!’ For the past 2-4 years, we have seen the GREY be a big color People went ALL IN with it. GREY, MODERN Now the trend has changed… Neutrals ALWAYS WORK! BRASSY GOLD FINISHES ARE PASSE BUT: “BRUSHED CHAMPAIGN” IS IN You can give color accents with furniture, pillows, bedspreads, etc:

Big Trend colors for 2021: Very soft green, jewel colors (not for selling on walls ok for accent) You want an agent that knows how to position the home with photos to get people to WANT to see your If you are thinking of making a move and want some in-home consultation on how to get your home ready for sale…give us a call at 719 301 3900

Here are some other things that can home sellers can do to attract buyers:

  1. These things do NOT photograph well for selling a home:
  2. Heavy prints do NOT photograph well
  3. RED does NOT photograph well
  4. VACANT Rooms do NOT photograph well
  5. Clutter – Does not photograph well
  6. FAUX Paint Designs are Passe:
  7. OAK Cabinets are Passe:
  8. OAK CABINETS ARE PASSE: Have the cabinets professionally painted white!

In a Nutshell: Buyers do not typically want to remodel projects
Regardless of your situation or budget, we can help you get ready. We have what we call the HELP program which we pre-pay for a few reasonable updates that can make the difference between sold for top dollar and NOT sold. To find out more give us a call at 719 301 3900.

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