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The Top 10 Must Know Hard Facts in Real Estate Home Selling
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Most people do not sell homes often. There are many myths out there about selling a home what are the Top 10 “Must Know” HARD Facts in Real Estate Home Selling?

You need to hire an agent that knows the market. Many people think they are getting good info about pricing and marketing by looking at Zillow. But the truth is market knowledge can be the difference between your home selling and not selling. Ask the agent how many homes they sold in the last several months, or in a year. A Clean, uncluttered home sells for more money. I had a client that had some stains on the basement carpet. Neither I nor the stager could see it before pictures were taken because the basement had a lot of stuff covering it up. We priced right, lots of buyers came through, no offers. As soon as she had those stains cleaned…got an offer for $5 over the asking price! Pricing a home to sell is CRITICAL. This does NOT mean underpricing it means pricing AT market value without
adding money for ‘negotiating room’. Even as little as 1% can make a difference.

Buyers in this hot market will think twice about making an offer on an overpriced home because they are so used to being in bidding wars. Be Prepared for the Inconvenience of Getting Ready to Show and Showing. If you plan this well in advance, that is the best case
Deferred maintenance, offering a ‘repair allowance’ is a HUGE MISTAKE!~ A repair left undone will cost you FOUR TO SEVEN TIMES MORE MONEY than doing the repair itself! Overpricing your home HELPS SELL YOUR NEIGHBORS HOME! You have to work with a great agent that knows how to look at the market from the buyer’s eyes to ensure your home is priced so it makes the “must see” list for buyers. Not just in the neighborhood but within 3 miles..around Buyers will ask for Stuff on Inspections! Plan on it, You can do a pre-inspection that gives more credibility to your response.

Get ahead of the big-ticket items like:
■Water Heater – ours are 22 years old its time
■Roof – hail,
■Paint – esp peeling paint on the outside

Buyers Love to Talk to Sellers During Showings! Its best if you are not there, however. Agents confront sellers and it’s their job to gather intel If you have to be there, be polite and stay out of their way, If Can SMELL it, You CAN’T SELL IT! Most people are ‘nose blind’ to the odors in their homes, pets biggest culprits, also heavy cooking smells can derail a sale,
Marketing matters! Photos, videos, and making sure your online presence is stellar is critical! You should hire a great agent that knows how to market & where to market.

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