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Step 8. I Accepted an Offer on My Home, Now What? | Home Selling Process Timeline

We’re doing a whole series on the Home Selling Process Timeline. Did you see the first 7 Steps? Perhaps you’re already at this junction… Read on!

You’ve accepted an offer on the sale of your home. Now, what do you do?

The first question at this stage that a homeowner typically asks is “should I keep showing my home or not?” It really is your choice. You can keep showing your home. It is very likely that if other buyers see a contract pending they will not want to see this home.

We guide our clients every step of the way. So once you accept a contract the first thing to do is order a title search and make sure everything is good on the ownership documents. Then the buyer is going to submit their earnest deposit and the buyer is going to schedule their inspection. At this point, you can relax a bit. You don’t have to have the home perfectly ready to show. To find out more about how we provide a smooth on-time closing process, give me a call.

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