Step 10. Getting Ready for Closing

Hi Its Barb Schlinker, there are so many details involved in finalizing a home sale along with moving. Here are a few tips that we hope can make the process easier for you. #1 We will set up a time convenient for you to close on your home ahead of when the buyer signs. This […]

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Step 8. How to Prepare for Your Home Inspection

Hello, its Barb Schlinker again. The next step in the home sale process is the buyer will hire an inspector to evaluate the home and verify it doesn’t have any health, safety or issues they may have to deal with going forward. Did you know that buyers pick their own inspectors and in the state […]

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Step 7. Contract to Closing

Congratulations: You Have An Accepted Contract – Here is What Happens Next: Hello, its Barb Schlinker, I’m so excited to say Congratulations to getting an accepted contract on your home. we know it’s a very busy time for you. we will do all we can to make this process easier for you and we are […]

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Step 6: Active on the Market

Hi Its Barb Schlinker and I wanted you to know we have activated your home in the Multiple Listing Service. That means that very soon buyers will see the home and start requesting to view it. My team will coordinate with you on how you want to be notified about showings as well as your […]

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Step 4. Pre-Market to Active

As we work on getting ready for photo day here is what we are doing to start marketing your home. My Virtual assistant team in the Philippines are working hard to put 1 outside photos and information about your home coming soon on our two websites that have thousands of buyers and we are posting […]

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Step 3. Signed Agreement

Hello, its Barb Schlinker. I wanted to sincerely thank you for honoring us with the agreement to handle the sale of your lovely home. We know there are many choices of real estate service providers in this market and its our pleasure to be able to serve you. Over the next few days and weeks, […]

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Step 2. Seller Appt Met:

Hello, its Barb Schlinker. Now that we have had a chance to meet with you and discuss the sale of your home. I wanted to let you know that if you have any questions or concerns, you can call me at any time. My direct cell phone number is on this email. We hope to […]

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Step 1. Listing Appt Set

Hello, I’m Barb Schlinker, I wanted to thank you for giving us the opportunity to discuss the sale of your home. We are so excited to meet you and show you what we can do to help you get top dollar for your home. Ahead of our meeting, we will be sending you a marketing […]

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