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Step 6: What Happens When the House Goes On the Market? | Home Selling Process Timeline

Are you just finding these amazing articles and feeling a little lost? Go on back to Step 1. When to Contact a Realtor to Sell Your House. We’ll get you all caught up and feeling great about where you are in the Home Selling Process Timeline.

So, what happens when you sell a house with a realtor and your home goes on the market? 

Well, it depends on who you hire! We actually have a showing strategy that maximizes the number of buyers who come and see your home!

Once it’s time for potential buyers to come through your home there can be surprises. We’ve seen agents who schedule a showing and fail to show up. They don’t cancel with the buyers and it’s really frustrating. Another surprise is when you get the feedback on the showing and it indicates the buyer really knew nothing about your home and it was not a good match for them at all. This happens because many agents do not prepare their buyers. They don’t find out what they’re actually looking for or even if they are qualified to buy a home! They just show up and hope it works out.

At Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty Colorado, we don’t work that way. To find out more about how we give our home sellers a smooth sales process, please give us a call!

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