Step 6: Active on the Market

Hi Its Barb Schlinker and I wanted you to know we have activated your home in the Multiple Listing Service. That means that very soon buyers will see the home and start requesting to view it.

My team will coordinate with you on how you want to be notified about showings as well as your preferred showing times.

Typically we wait a few days to start showings after it is activated in the showing service in order to let the buyer population know its there. That way all of the buyers have a chance to schedule a showing and make their best offer.

Here are the top 7 things you should know about agent showing activity along with a few unexpected things that happen:

  1. Agents may show up with their buyers without an appointment. It is your home, if that happens its up to you if you want to let them in. But for security, I recommend that you get their business card before letting anyone inside. If they are not escorted by a license agent you can ask them to call my office to schedule a showing.
  2. Agents who have scheduled showings may not show up or they may show up early or they may show up late. Please understand, they do not mean to do this but if they are showing multiple homes the timing of the showings could be off.
  3. Our digital lock box system is able to text or email you when the lock box is open and when it is closed. That way you will know when it is ok to return to your home.
  4. Don’t be surprised if lights are not either turned off, if that is your direction, or doors occasionally are left un-secure. It happens too often, in my view, but everyone does try their best. Please contact me if anyone was dis-rsespectful of your property and I will handle it with them.
  5. Not all agent provide feedback about their experience for the showings, even though we ask for it both on email and via phone call. Try not to worry about other’s opinions, feedback is not meant to critique the home. Some of the feedback is very constructive and some gives us an idea on how your home stacks up against the competition, while other feedback is not very helpful, unless its an offer. And some of the best feedback is an offer.
  6. Don’t be surprised if agents forget to leave a business card. Even though we tell them do so, they often forget.
  7. We do have buyers and we are marketing your home to our buyers and our agents before it goes on the market. Yet, we want to create the most demand by attracting most of buying population to your home. Although we do notify our buyer-in-waiting in our database, because there are over 4800 agents in this local MLS, we are simply out numbered. So there is a good chance other agents will be bringing buyers through your home as well.

The showing part is challenging because the home be kept show ready. We hope are systems and marketing is designed to create demand so that you do not have to be show ready for a very long period of time.

My assistant, Wendy Escobar, and I are available to discuss the showing activity at any time.

We have a system that reminds us to discuss the activity with you often and keep you informed throughout the transaction.

Thank you for watching and we look forward to a smooth sale of your home.

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