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Step 7. Getting Ready for Closing

As you get closer to your closing date, do not be surprised if your lender ask for more documents. This does NOT mean your loan is denied. Its just the final checks that take place in the home loan process to finalize the sale.
You will be asked to sign what is called a CD or Closing Disclosure at least 3 days prior to closing. It’s very important you sign these documents on the day they ask for them. Because if they are not signed, the loan will not close on time.

I’m sure you will be very busy getting ready for your move. Your team member will guide through the final steps to close.

Those include:
1. Picking a Home Owners Insurance Company and getting a quote for your loan
2. Information about where to send the down payment and closing costs
3. Notifying the utility company to change utilities into your name
4. Where you will be signing to close on the home.

This is a really exciting time.
We want it to go as smoothly as possible. For you and my team member will be with you all the way.
The final step before closing is to do a Walk Through of the Home You are Buying. That is your time to ensure all the inclusions are still there and the home is still as it was when you wrote the offer.

Congratulations on the Purchase of your Home. We hope you Enjoy it for Years to Come!

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