Step 8. Post Closing – Thank you

Thank you for letting my team handle the purchase of your new home. Its been an honor and pleasure to work with you. As we mentioned when we initially met, its important for us to give back to causes that help Veterans like, USO, Fisher House Foundation, VetDogs & Tunnell4Tours – Smart Home Building program […]

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Step 7. Getting Ready for Closing

As you get closer to your closing date, do not be surprised if your lender ask for more documents. This does NOT mean your loan is denied. Its just the final checks that take place in the home loan process to finalize the sale. You will be asked to sign what is called a CD […]

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Step 6. The Appraisal

The appraisal is ordered by your lender to substantiate for the lender that the home is valued the price you agreed to pay and that home meets the loan guidelines. Typically the lender reaches out directly to the listing broker to visit the property. Once the appraisal gets turned in to your lender, you lender […]

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Step 4. Shopping for a Home

There are plenty of those online websites that will show you homes that are “available for sale”. Did you know some of that information may not be correct? Let me give you an example: Zillow has an agreement with the local Pikes Peak MLS in which Zillow will continue to show homes as beings “Available […]

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Step 3. Getting Qualified to Buy a Home

A majority of buyers in this market will need to secure some sort of financing to purchase a home. The good news is, as long as you have a good credit score and steady, verifiable income, its fairly easy to be approved for a home loan. The great mortgage brokers we recommend can guide you […]

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Step 1. Book an Appointment

America is one of the few countries where its relatively easy for regular people like you and I to become home owners and enjoy the privacy and security of owning real estate which becomes an appreciating asset you can enjoy for years to come. I’m Barb Schlinker, Broker and Owner of Your Home Sold Guaranteed […]

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Intro to Buying a Home with Barb

Hi! It’s Barb Schlinker, and I wanted to give you an idea of our systems here at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty. So what I did was, I took our step by step process, and turned each step into a helpful article to show you exactly what happens as we journey together down this path. […]

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