Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty - Barb Has The Buyers

Step 4. Shopping for a Home

There are plenty of those online websites that will show you homes that are “available for sale”. Did you know some of that information may not be correct? Let me give you an example: Zillow has an agreement with the local Pikes Peak MLS in which Zillow will continue to show homes as beings “Available for Sale” when in fact someone else already has a contract on them. The only way you could buy those homes is if that buyer that has a contract, terminated the contract. Those homes are very difficult to get and buyers that ‘wait & hope” for some other deal to fall apart will be successful a very low percentage of the time.

We provide our VIP the BEST access to all the homes that match their criteria from all the real estate companies, even homes they CANNOT find online.

If you happen to run across an address that interests you, please let our team member know. They can research it and make sure to show it to you, if its available.

Also, we help home buyers purchase brand new homes as well. Whether you are looking at a new home or a home listed by some other agent, you definitely do NOT want to be DENIED Representation. Going directly to the listing agent is a problem because the listing agent has already signed an agreement with the seller to get the SELLER the most money. They may be able to fill out the paperwork, but they NOT working in your best interest.

So, be sure to reach out to us any time you come across a home that you want to see. Have fun shopping!

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