Sell a House During a Divorce Real Estate

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Having to sell a house during a divorce can mean making a lot of difficult decisions during very difficult times. You need some non-emotional, straight forward and specific answers to if you are facing divorce and have to divide up the assets. First, I want you to know you are not alone. Well over 50% of the married population faces divorce at some time in their lives.

I’m Barb Schlinker and specialize in helping home sellers sell fast and for top dollar.

This blog is about how to sell your house during a divorce.

#1 – If you decide to sell the home, it is important that you work with a professional real estate agent who is dedicated to selling your home for the most amount of money. Try to find someone who does not pick sides.

#2 – PREPARING YOUR HOME FOR SALE. – For most, it is a stressful time anyway. But you want to make sure your divorce is kept private, so the buyer does not know your motivation to sell. Put your best foot forward in the appearance and marketing of the home. A great real estate can help you with that.

One client’s story – her ex-husband insisted she gets an appraisal. The appraisal came in at $350,000. We used our HELP program to update a few basics, carpet, some trim, and exterior paint. And we sold it for the first weekend FOR $496,000. Had she listened to the appraiser, she would have lost $146,000!

#3 –DIVIDING THE CASH – Make sure all the selling expenses are shared equally. Make sure the net proceeds are paid out according to the Divorce Decree that would have been worked out with your divorce attorney… Title companies must follow the court’s orders. They will make sure the loans are paid and taxes are paid off at the time of closing.

#4 – HAVE A PLAN FOR YOUR NEXT MOVE. Many buyers want to move in on the day of closing. Work with your Real Estate Agent to map out a plan for your next move before you commit to selling your home to a buyer.

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