How to Sell A House by Owner vs Using a Real Estate Agent

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Many home sellers fear that the buyer will reject the house if sold by owner. And the process is not as easy as you might think. If you want to try selling your house by owner, you really want to be prepared. So what is the main thing you need to know for a successful home sale? Well, first of all, you’re going to need a qualified buyer and hopefully multiple buyers.


According to the national association of realtors, 98% of the buyers start their search online. So the pictures have to be great and people selling their home by owner need to buy ads online so that buyers find it. Now, real estate agents have many, many opportunities to market homes on thousands of different websites. But the question you have to ask is how long do you want to be on the market? Did you know that the longer your home sits on the market, typically the less it sells for? And if most buyers can’t find it, it’ll sit on the market for a long time. So you want to make sure you’re on all the top websites to find your home. And the first 3 weeks are hugely important for the home to go under contract because then the existing buyer pool that hasn’t found a home yet is going to find the home and make an offer if they love it.


But if it goes beyond 3 weeks, the perception in this hot market is that the house, there’s something wrong with the house and maybe you know it’s not worth looking at. So when you’re selling your home yourself, you have limited time available to do this. Plus you also have to make your home completely available for buyers to see it. You know, buyers want to see the home when they want to see it. So if you have to take time off work or whatever it is to show the home and a buyer wants to see it and it’s not convenient for you, what’s likely to happen is they’re just going to move on and go find another house. So what you need to know to sell by owner include things like how to prepare your home for sale. This is huge. Your house has to look like a model home, how to price your home appropriately.


So a lot of people think their homes are worth millions of dollars and they may not be. You need to look at what the market’s doing, how to market your home. So that’s where a good real estate agent comes in. And then when you catch a buyer, that’s great. Hopefully, they’re qualified, but what forms, what legal documents do you have to fill out to make it to the finish line? You know a real estate agent’s going to protect your best interest in those situations and they’re going to know all the forms that you have to fill out to make sure that every “I” is dotted and every “T” is crossed because if it doesn’t happen that way you could be liable for something in the future. But we understand that people selling their home by owner want to save the commission expense. That’s totally fine. And our real estate company, we sell a lot of homes.


We sell our homes 3 times faster than the average agent. We offer to help for sale by owners with free marketing, including doing an open house for you. So we’ll market to our own database of buyers in waiting. And we had this special program which also includes the free report of the 10 inside tips of selling your home yourself, plus a bonus of all the state forms that you need to sell your home. If you want to fill those out yourself, you can’t.


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