How To Get Your House Ready to Sell – 27 Tips

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How to Sell Your House and Avoid Costly Mistakes

Here are the top 5 tips to sell your home for more money.

The number 1 tip is to do your homework before deciding on a price. You know, price is marketing. It’s the first impression. You know, when I asked potential home sellers what they think their home is worth, a majority of them say, Hey, Zillow said my home is worth X. We don’t do that. You know, I’ve sold many homes for $10,000 more than what Zillow guessed at what their home would be worth. I think it’s time that you gave us an explanation. Get an experienced real estate agent who knows how to market, sells homes in the market and understands how to price a home check.

The number two reason is do appropriate updates and repairs. You know, you don’t have to do necessarily a full-on remodel on your home yet buyers will reject homes over things like dramatic paint, faux paint, which is now outdated. Huh? Well, um, dark colors, especially Browns and orange, old tired carpet mismatch of appliances. You know, you may not have to have to do everything, but just put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. They are buying homes with all the money they have and they don’t want to move in and fix things up.

Some little inexpensive things that you can do to get the most amount of money and your photos are hugely important. You know, 98% of the buyers start their search online and if they don’t like the pictures that they see. They will pass it by and remove it from their must-see list. Oh no. So you want to make sure that the pictures are great because the next thing they’re going to do is they’re going to drive by your home. So you have to make sure your curb appeal looks good. Okay? Freshen up the landscaping, trim and mow, update the mulch beds. Put some flowers, if it’s in the wintertime put fake flowers. Thank you. You know, you want the buyers to fall in love with the outside to get them to walk into the door.

And the number 4 reason is to make sure your home looks like a model home. Clutter is not your friend. You know, many people cannot see it because they live with it all the time. But go ahead and get a camera and take, or use your phone and take some pictures of the way you live in your house. Huh? And then look at those pictures. The pictures don’t lie. You know, many good at the Top Real estate agents will offer staging and support to transform your home, to make it look like a model. Made sure you’re packing away. Get storage shed, get rid of all those things that you really don’t need, you know a good agent with a good marketing package can help your home sell for top dollar. And according to the national association of realtors, homes that are staged and prepared sell for as much as $15,000 more than homes that are not.

The number 5 reason and the most important one is choosing a great real estate agent, one that has access to buyers, and one that knows how to get top dollar for your home. You know the agents that tell you that all they’re going to do is take some pictures with a nice camera or their iPhone and just stick it in the MLS. It’s not good enough. You want an agent that wants to create, that will create massive demand for your home and has all kinds of creative marketing ideas. So if you’d like to receive your free report on the 27 tips, the things that you should do to sell your home fast and for top dollar.

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