Top 5 Staging Tips to Command Top Dollar

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  1. 98% of homes buyers shop initially and eliminate homes ONLINE based on the photos, if you don’t get this write, you won’t know who eliminated your home!
  2. Most buyers spend less than 1 Minute viewing homes online.
  3. A majority of that time, 28 seconds is spent looking at the outside, which curb appeal is so important and the backyard!  This is a clue!  Curb Appeal is massively important!
  4. We invest a lot of marketing dollars helping our sellers present their homes to the market in the best possible manner:
  • Preparation for Staging
  • Staging
  • Professional Photos
  • Professional Videos

So what are the Top 5 tips for Staging!?

If you plan to sell the home vacant, we have a solution to make it look great!

  1. Most buyers do not have the ability to visualize very well.
  2. We can virtually stage a home, insert, furniture, artwork, even rugs.
  3. I have a few examples here and it looks real!


The biggest issue is clutter for most owner occ homes:  Our stagers help with that.

  1. Take photos before and after
  2. Remove throw rugs, dish towels, stuff off the kitchen and bath counters
  3. Clean, clean, and clean more.


  1. We don’t shoot closets and garages but try to make those spaces look large 
  2. stacking stuff off the floor of closets 
  3. stacking boxes to 1 side in the garage.
  4. Focus on the exterior, living room, kitchen, master bath, and master bedroom.

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