Strong Market, Space Force, Income, Great Time to Buy and Sell

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Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty Colorado


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The #1 Reason is the chances of commanding top dollar are better than ever. 

Here’s why:

  • We are in the top 10 real estate markets in the country and homes are relatively more affordable Couple that with record-low interest rates = more buying power for buyers.
  • Real estate is NOT ON LOCKDOWN in this market!
  • One of our key economic drivers is Defense – 5 military bases, and Aerospace.  Their employment is stable.  They are buying homes. Many from out of the area. 
  • We are meeting with our buyers on Zoom Meetings and some sellers on Zoom Meetings to start the process.
  • We include several different virtual video and imagery technologies to command top dollar for our sellers. That translates to home sellers being able to command top dollar for their homes.  So if a person is considering selling a home now is the time to give us a call.


If potential home sellers want to hear more detail about How to Get Top Dollar when selling their home, we are offering a FREE Webinar that goes into great detail on how to get ready.  Our listeners can register for our next one at


#1 – If you have to sell before you buy it’s a challenge:

Under 500K, many homes getting multiple offers

You are in a better position if your home is U/C or you can buy first then sell.

Next a plan:  We have solutions like…

  1. Guaranteed Sale Program
  2. Other contractual techniques to protect the seller from rendering themselves homeless too soon.


Pricing a home appropriately is the Secret Sauce to commanding the

MOST amount of money when you sell.   Many times I see homes go under contract on day How does the home seller know that other buyers who didn’t jump in to see it on day 1, would not pay more than the first buyer who looked at it.  We have systems in place to help home sellers maximize their selling price. If you price too high your home sits on the market and becomes stale like bread.  You want to be a fresh loaf that everyone drools over, not stale bread like croutons.

#3 – Condition

Buyers will fawn all over remodeled homes & Pay a premium for them!  Just opposite for non-updated homes. We go into more detail on pricing and how to be the best home on the block when selling with our New Bi-weekly Webinar where our listeners can register at

We talk a lot about ways to command the most amount of money when it sells.

We are offering this webinar now every Wednesday at 6pm and Saturday at 10am.

You can also register to view it on demand by visiting:

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