How to Choose a Real Estate Agent When Selling Your Home

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Picking a real estate agent when selling your home is one of those critical issues that can cost you or save you thousands. This is about how to choose a real estate agent when selling your home.

I’m Barb Schlinker with Parker St Claire Realty and I help people sell homes fast and for top dollar. I’ll be sharing with you how you can get a free report on all of the Top 10 Questions You Should Ask Before You Hire a Real Estate Agent to Sell Your Home. One of the biggest surprises to most home sellers is that not all real estate agents are even close to being the same. In fact, in our area, there are over 5,000 agents and sadly, 74% of them have sold 3 homes or less in the past year, and for many, it’s a hobby or a social club. Many agents don’t even work full time. And many more home sellers let a friend or family member tried to sell their home without asking the right questions. Worse yet, many agents actually would prefer that you did not ask these questions that I’m about to share with you.

Here are 5 great questions to start with.

Question # 1: Why should I hire you over any other real estate agent?

If an agent does not readily know what makes them unique over other real estate agents? You should really keep looking. We sell our listings, on average, for $11,000 more than the average agent. Plus we have 5 other reasons that set us apart from our competition.

1) We Sell Homes 3 times Faster than the average agent

2) Your Home Is More Likely to Sell (35% of homes offered for sale, do not sell in this market)

3) We Have a Huge Database of Buyers-In-Waiting

4) We Offer 6 Satisfaction Guarantees, including a Cancellation Guarantee.

5) We Guarantee the Home will Sell..(*conditions apply)

Question # 2: Do you have any buyers who would be interested in our home?

Most agents do not have a specific answer for whether or not they have access to buyers. We have a massive database of over 22,000 buyers and we’ll bring a list of our buyers who have already indicated to us that they’d be a very high match for your home.

We even know the most likely buyer for your home and how to find them.

Question #3: How do you come up with a price on our home?

Many agents abdicate their pricing strategy to what those Internet companies say it’s worth like Zillow or… worse yet they tell the sellers a price that’s unrealistically high. Then when they get the listing and the high price fails to deliver a buyer they try to beat the sellers down to lower the price in order to get the market to respond.

When we price home, we collaborate with the seller. We want to make sure we get this right. It’s really important not to overprice and not to underprice a home. And there are many factors to consider such as recent sales, evaluation of the current competition, the current market conditions as well as what improvements you have put into the home to create buyer demand.

We choose recent sales, just like an appraiser would choose, and the decision is made by you by evaluating all of those facts.

Question #4: Do you have a plan to market our home? What most agents do is take pictures and put the home in the Multiple Listing Service then prey another agent will bring them a willing buyer. That is not enough!

We have 16 key systems that are customized to your home and a 201 step checklist for selling your home.

Question #5: If we decide to make a change to a different real estate agent, do you have a cancellation guarantee? We not only have a cancellation guaranteed but we have a total of 6 satisfaction guarantees. Our goal is to make our clients raving fans.

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